HISTORY: INTERNATIONAL AIR TRANSPORT ASSOCIATION (IATA) is a trade association of the world's airlines.



AIR FRANCE 13/2/1968 (From Sydney to Christchurch to Queenstown to Mt. Cook to Christchurch)






PAN AM 4/10/1978 (From Perth to Melbourne to Hobart to Launceston to Melbourne)



TRANS WORLD AIRLINES 29/4/1981 (From NYC Kennedy to London to Paris to NYC Kennedy)



PAN AM 10/7/1972 (From Portland to Honolulu to Portland)



SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS 5/12/1972 (From Cape Town to Durban to Cape Town)



BRITISH AIRWAYS 5/6/1979 (From Brussels to Birmingham to Brussels)



AIR CANADA 19/7/1982 (From Toronto to Vancunver to Toronto)



ALITALIA 13/3/1984



TRANS WORLD AIRLINES 8/2/1971 (From Boston to Zurich to New York to Boston)



AMERICAN AIRLINES 12/9/1977 (From San Diego to Los Angeles to New York to Philadelphia)



SWISSAIR 22/3/1983 (From Boston to Zurich to Athens to Zurich to Boston)



QANTAS AIRWAYS 7/8/1981 (From Amman to Cairo to Casablanca to Montreal to Toronto)



AIR CANADA 27/1/1986 (From Toronto to Los Angeles to Toronto)



US AIR 28/4/1986 (From Toronto to Boston to Toronto)



DEUTSCHE LUFTHANSA 12/6/1980 (From Genoa to Frankfurt to Brussels to London to Teesside)



ALITALIA 14/7/1975 (From Rimini to Milano to Bruxelles to Milano to Rimini)



BRITISH AIRWAYS 28/8/1987 (From London Heathrow to Glasgow to Tiree to Glasgow to London Heathrow)






JAPAN AIR LINES 13/4/1970 (From Detroit to Los Angeles to Tokyo to Osaka to Taipei)



ALITALIA (From Munich to Rome to Munich)



WESTERN AIRLINES 3/9/1976 (From Los Angeles to Denver to Gillette)



SINGAPORE AIRLINES 19/12/1976 (From Taipei to Tokyo to Taipei)



BRITISH AIRWAYS 21/9/1986 (From London to Barcelona)



BRITISH AIRWAYS 31/10/1987 (From Barcelona to Londres to Barcelona)



AIR CANADA 23/5/1988 (From Toronto to Winnipeg)



PAN AM 20/1/1989 (From Berlin to Frankfurt to Berlin)



AIR FRANCE 2/5/1989 (From Paris Orly to Lisbon to Paris Orly)



BRITISH AIRWAYS 23/2/1990 (From Los Angeles to Chicago to London)



BRITISH AIRWAYS 26/7/1990 (From Barcelona to London to Barcelona)



KLM 25/4/1994 (From Athens to Amsterdam to Athens)



BRITISH AIRWAYS 5/10/1994 (From London to Hong Kong to London)



CATHAY PACIFIC AIRWAYS 7/12/1994 (From Hong Kong to London Heathrow to Hong Kong)



LUFTHANSA 7/3/1995 (From Athens to Frankfurt to Montreal to Frankfurt to Athens)



AUSTRIAN AIRLINES 27/3/1995 (From Athens to Vienna to Salzburg to Vienna to Athens)



BRITISH AIRWAYS 22/8/1995 (From Budapest to London to Budapest)



MALEV AIRLINES 29/3/1996 (From London to Budapest to London)



SINGAPORE AIRLINES 4/4/1997 (From Hong Kong to Taipei to Hong Kong)



AIR NEW ZEALAND 15/4/1997 (From Sydney to Christchurch to Auckland to Sydney)



CZECH AIRLINES 1/8/1998 (From Athens to Prague to Athens)



MANX AIRLINES 6/8/1998 (From Isle of Man to London)



MANX AIRLINES 8/10/1998 (From London to Isle of Man)



OLYMPIC AIRWAYS 20/7/1999 (From Kuwait to Athens to Bucharest to Athens to Kuwait)



OLYMPIC 30/9/1999 (From Athens to Berlin to Athens)



AIR FRANCE 27/11/1999 (From London Heathrow to Paris Degaulle to London Heathrow)



DELTA AIR LINES 10/4/2000 (From Rome to New York to Atlanta to Rome)






BRITISH AIRWAYS 24/3/1988 (From Barcelona to London to Barcelona)



SINGAPORE AIRLINES 23/2/1990 (From Singapore to Penang)



BRITISH AIRWAYS 20/9/1990 (From Paris to London to Barcelona)



VARIG 8/6/1991 (From Rome to Sao Paulo)



AIR FRANCE 12/5/1992 (From Bangkok to Karachi)



SWISSAIR 18/12/1996 (From Thessaloniki to Zurich to Thessaloniki)



SINGAPORE AIRLINES 4/4/1997 (From Singapore to Hong Kong)



AIR FRANCE 23/2/1989 (From Athens to Nice to Athens)



ALITALIA 2/5/1995 (From Victoria Falls to Harare)



CHINA AIRLINES 25/11/1996 (From Railway Germany to Frankfurt to Taipei)



ALITALIA 28/7/1997 (From Rome to Catania)



DEUTSCHE LUFTHANSA 8/2/2000 (From Frankfurt to Athens to Frankfurt)



BRITISH AIRWAYS 12/9/2001 (From London to Milan to Nice to London)



SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS 14/10/1988 (From Frankfurt to Johannesburg and Windhoek to Frankfurt)



AIR UK 27/4/1994 (From Frankfurt to London to Frankfurt)



KLM 18/9/1998 (From Capetown to Amsterdam to Capetown)



AIR TANZANIA 16/4/1999 (From Dar Es Salaam to Mwanza to Dar Es Salaam)



SINGAPORE AIRLINES 4/8/2000 (From Bandar Seri Begwn to Singapore to Chennai Madras to Singapore to Bandar Seri Begwn)



OLYMPIC AIRWAYS 14/12/2001 (From Thessaloniki to Frankfurt to Thessaloniki)



CYPRUS AIRWAYS 9/8/2002 (From Larnaca to Athens to Larnaca)



AIR TAHITI 11/10/2002 (From Papeete to Huahine to Bora Bora to Moorea to Papeete)



DELTA AIR LINES 14/10/2002 (From Rome to New York to Atlanta to Rome)



AERO CONTINENTE 24/10/2002 (From Lima to Iquitos to Lima)



GARUDA INDONESIA 4/12/2003 (From Riyadh to Jakarta to Surabaya)



AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS 31/3/2004 (From Buenos Aires to San Carlos De Bar to San Martin Andes to Buenos Aires)



MEXICANA DE AVIATION 26/6/2004 (From Leon to Los Angeles)



EMIRATES 18/3/2005 (From Bangkok to Dubai to Munich to Dubai to Bangkok)



AUSTRIAN 22/12/2005 (From Tel Aviv to Vienna to Riga to Vienna to Tel Aviv)



AEROFLOT 9/8/2007 (From Dusseldorf to Moscow to Minsk to Moscow to Dusseldorf)



PAKISTAN INTERNATIONAL 19/12/2005 (From Jeddah to Karachi to Jeddah)



CYPRUS AIRWAYS 28/6/2004 (From Larnaca to Paris to Larnaca)



OLYMPIC AIRLINES 1/9/2004 (From Ioannina to Athens to Larnaca to Athens to Ioannina)



BRITISH MIDLAND 14/2/2002 (From London to Glasgow to London)



OLYMPIC AIRWAYS 10/2/2003 (From Berlin to Athens)



AEGEAN AIRLINES 14/5/2005 (From Ioannina to Athens)



BRITISH AIRWAYS 25/7/2006 (From Hamburg to London to Rio Janeiro to London to Hamburg)



AEROSVIT AIRLINES 13/3/2007 (From Tel Aviv to Donetsk to Tel Aviv)



AVIANCA 28/7/2006 (From Manizales to Bogota)



AEGEAN AIRLINES 25/2/2006 (From Ioannina to Athens to Ioannina)



AIR MOLDOVA 4/1/2007 (From Chisinau to Athens)



DEUTSCHE LUFTHANSA 5/10/1999 (From Frankfurt to Salzburg to Frankfurt)
















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